Have you ever looked at a celebrity or a girlfriend and totally loved what she is wearing and imagined yourself looking the same -if not better- in the same outfit?
Afterwards, you go to the store, ask for that coveted bodycon dress, skinny jeans or peplum top… you struggle to put it on…then boom!!! Shocker! You don't look good and suddenly you remember the 6th commandment.
Let's be honest, girls will always admire each other and want to wear what's trending. The secret to dressing and looking good is simple: KNOW YOUR BODY SHAPE. Knowing your body shape is the first step to understanding what designs of clothing and undergarments suit you. 
Wearing the right clothes and undergarment will boost your confidence, make you look hot and bring out your beautiful self as God made you! Let's look at a few most common body shapes that ‘we come in', and how to style them!        


  #1. PEAR







 This is a common body shape where the hips are wider than the bust, slim and shoulder compared hips, well-defined waist which happens to be your biggest asset!



When dressing a pear body shape, try to balance your upper body and lower body while emphasising your small waist, to try getting that hourglass appearance...Wear tops that will add volume to your top half, like bright coloured tops, bold patterns, nipped or fitted around the waist to show off your waist. Tops with embellishment on the bust and shoulders, structured shoulders, princess or flutter sleeves. You can pull off the off-the -shoulder tops, boat-neck tops, wide V or U necks.



Look for bottoms that will minimise your lower half, but still show off your curves.Wear A-line skirts, lightly gathered skirts that don’t add a lot of volume.Avoid details such as embellished pockets that will add volume to your hips or bottom.Wear pants that fall straight from the widest part of your hip also go for darker colours and simple stitching.

Right now skinny pants, bodycon dresses and pencil skirts are trending, though they can really exaggerate the bottom, you can always balance with what you wear on top. At the end of the day…feel good and confident in what you wear!









 A diamond body is very similar to an apple shape.  A diamond girl has slimmer arms and calves, she holds most of her weight in the bust, midsection, hips and thighs. When dressing a Diamond body type, try to balance your shoulders and bust with your hips while creating a waist. Be carefully not to add extra bulk to your bust waist and hips. Look for clothing that will elongate your body. You have beautiful lower legs and beautiful arms, show them off!!!



Wear tops that will help define your waist and accentuate your shoulders and bust. Also,  tops that draw attention to your arms and away from the heavier areas. You can wear V or U necks, Scoop necks, and off shoulders. Keep the middle section neutral, wear medium belts as thick belts will make you bigger, while very slim ones will not work well. Make sure your tops don’t have embellishment on the midsection, coz we don’t want a lot of attention there. Your tops should fall past your hips to elongate your body


Look for bottoms that lean and lengthen your lower half. Bottoms, whether they are pants or skirts, should give the illusion of a longer body. Go for darker bottoms tones to make your hips look smaller, straight skirts and pants that fall from the widest part of your hip. Boot-cut and flared pants work best to lengthen legs.

Avoid very wide legs, shorts, bubble, pencil and pleated bottoms as they will make you look heavier. Go for pants with simple back and hips pockets.





Dresses, like tops and bottoms, dresses should elongate the body, show off great arms and calves, and create the illusion of a defined waistline. Diamond body shapes should stick to dress styles that are A-line, belted styles. Cocktail style dresses will perfectly show off calves!











Having an Apple shape means that you are top heavy.  You have a full chest and upper back, wide torso, broad shoulders, waist with little or no waist definition. You also probably have proportionately thinner arms, legs, and hips. You most likely have beautiful legs!!!

When dressing an apple body, the main purpose of the clothing will be to balance the top and bottom with the waistline. Wear clothes that will add shape to the bust and hips, while also draw attention away from the waist. This will create a more proportional look, which will make you look hot!



Wear a top or dress that flatters your bust and draws attention from your waistline. Dresses should have their waistline just below the bust or at your thinnest point. Get Tops with a V-neck to break up the size of your chest and create a vertical line. This will draw more attention to your bust and elongate your upper body.

Avoid tops with a halter, very high necklines, decorated neckline, off-the-shoulder cut, or boat neck, as they will broaden your shoulders.

Look for tops with a thicker texture that do not cling so much, they shouldn't be baggy, or formless, either. Make sure that the jacket fits the shoulder perfectly. If you can’t close the jacket, you can always use a scarf to fill the gap, or leave it open.

 A shirt or dress that has a tie or belt at the waist will also help define your figure. Your tops should fall lower than your hip bones. If your top ends in your midsection it will draw attention to your belly.  You can wear a long flowing top that falls below your bottom, or even a tunic shirt. Choose a top with pretty shoulder details, like sequins or flowers to draw attention to your beautiful arms.




For trousers or skirts, get those that have zippers at the side to avoid adding extra bumps on the front. Choose trousers that are straight or flared, having them too thin will emphasise the mid-section.  Make sure that any pleats of skirts start below the belly to avoid adding extra volume. Structured pencil skirts work well, but keep them at knee length and show off your gorgeous legs.











You are one of the lucky few! Hourglass women tend to be evenly balanced at the top and bottom halves of the body and have a trim tiny waist. Although this is one of the most desired body shapes the hourglass shaped woman can have problems shopping too, especially for jeans which tend to fit the hips and not the waist.The key to dressing an Hourglass body type is to proportionally dress the top and bottom of your body while accentuating your waist.



Remember to highlight your curves, ideal tops for the hourglass shape are scooped or V-necks as these will accentuate your bust, and draw attention to your narrow waist. You can also wear sweetheart or scoop neck tops.  Wrap tops and belted tops are also good for you.

Go for fitted clothing as these will show off your womanly body. Fitted clothing doesn’t mean tight clothing. Choose clothing that are light-weighted and thin fabrics like cotton, silk as they flatter your body shapes. Avoid thick and bulky fabrics like tweed as they are not able to follow your body’s curves hence make you lose your curvy shapes.

A belt or waistband to your outfit to flatter your waist. It should be worn at the narrowest part of your waist.Thin and wide belts work for hourglass women. However, if you are short or petite, avoid wide belts.



Pencil or A-line skirt will highlight your stunning curves. If you have wide thighs, avoid pencil skirt if it causes horizontal wrinkles across your hip-thigh. The horizontal wrinkles will make you look bottom heavy. Mid-rise or high-rise pants or skirts is the way to go as you get to show off your curvy hips. Wearing pants or skirts at the natural waistline draws the eyes to your tiny waist.












Like many runway models, your hips and bust are balanced, with no waist definition, your bottom is not so round, you gain most weight in your torso and upper thighs. You have shapely lower legs!
Wear clothes that will proportionally balance your top and bottom, while enhancing your waist. You can wear fitting clothes but define your waist with a belt. You can also add volume to your tops and bottom by wearing gathered or flared bottoms and well-structured tops.

Wear tops that will add curves to your upper half and create a more defined waist, nipped or belted waists. Off the shoulder, boat-neck tops, wide V or U necks. Structured shoulders, princess or flutter sleeves.  Embellishments around the bust and shoulders.



Your body shape gives you a wide variety of bottoms to wear! Look for bottoms that add curves to your lower half while creating an hourglass effect: Go for details such as pleats, embellished pockets & flap pockets, whiskering. Pants with pronounced pockets on hips and bottom like safari pants, with full or moderately flared legs. Get full, tiered or bubble skirts. Wear your bottoms mid waist or low-rise waists with wide waistbands to give your hips some weight.











 The main characteristics of an inverted triangle body type are that your shoulders are noticeably wider than your hip-line. You look athletic, with strong looking shoulders. You have little or no waist definition, and slim hips. You have beautiful shapely legs.

The key to dressing an Inverted Triangle body type is to balance your broader upper body, that is your shoulders, chest and back with your relatively smaller lower body. This is achieved by choosing clothes that add curves to your hips and bottom while creating a more defined waist. You have beautiful legs so you can wear different skirt lengths, but don’t go too short otherwise, you will look top heavy.



Wear tops that will accentuate your waist and help balance your bust with your hips. Look for Narrow V-necks to draw attention to your waist, tops with belt or nipping at the waist, Wrap-style tops. Dark coloured tops to draw attention away from your wide shoulders.


Wear any bottoms that will enhance your lower body, making your hips look rounder and fuller, so as to help balance your upper body. Details like ruffles, tiers and pleats to flared cut bottom hems like wide and flare leg jeans.


🤗 I hope you found this article helpful and informative.
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